Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Review

Keiser M3If you have been exercising all your life, yet nothing’s happening with your body, then you may want to invest on an indoor stationary fitness bike. This exercise equipment could be your answer to a rapid total body transformation.

When it comes to investing on a stationary indoor bike, make sure that you choose the best such as the Keiser M3 Plus. It is among the coolest looking indoor fitness bikes in the market now and is truly very effective in helping you to shape up.

Coolest Indoor Bike in the Market

The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Trainer Bike looks very snazzy, making it one of the coolest indoor bikes in the market nowadays. The equipment is developed by a leading provider of commercial workout equipment all over the world so you can be guaranteed that this bike is of excellent quality.

is designed with everything that you could ever wish for in an indoor bike. You can be assured of its durability and it can truly withstand the daily wear and tear. You can even use it several times in a day and you will not have to worry about it giving up on you. As a matter of fact, the equipment is mostly preferred by fitness gyms worldwide as it is capable of withstanding the abusive workouts of hundreds of gym members.

Makes Use of a Magnetic System

One of the things that make the Keiser M3 Trainer Bike to stand out is its ability to use a magnetic system which provides ultimate resistance. This leads to an almost silent ride and therefore, you can exercise in your bedroom early in the morning without disturbing your partner who is still sleeping in the bed.

In addition, the resistance adjustment of the bike is so exact and you can just simply click it towards the correct level of resistance instead of having to guess which level of resistance you should have it set at. This is usually the case with those low quality indoor bike trainers.

Comes with Unlimited Adjustments

This Indoor Trainer Bike from Keiser M3 also comes with unlimited adjustments so it is well suitable to any size and type of body. It is very durable that it could support all of those extra fats that you want to sweat off on your bike. Whether you are tall or small, you can pretty much exercise on this bike with utmost comfort since the seat and the handle bars can be easily adjusted.

Built-in Computer

The best thing about this indoor training bike from Keiser is that it comes with a built-in computer which is pretty high-tech. What it does is that it calculates the power output. Generally, only the pro cyclists are able to know their wattage, but the Keiser M3 Plus allows you to see exactly how hard you have been working out and therefore, it allows for a more advanced fitness routine. The high-tech exercise equipment also provides details on the elapsed time and distance, cadence and it can read heart rate if you wear the polar chest strap that it comes with.

What Exercise Bikes Can Do For You

Many of us want to use exercise to stay fit for our self-esteem, health, and well-being. The problem with some exercise is that it can be very difficult to find the time or the ability to accomplish this. We either need a gym membership (expensive fees) or must get our exercise in other ways such as jogging outside. Jogging is very tough on the knees, joints, and ankles. The elderly find exercises such as jogging and exercise trampolines especially hard on their legs and bodies. In addition, exercising outside can be very difficult at times. The weather or environment can make it very easy to lose our motivation to stay fit.

Indoor cycling bikes can assist with alleviating most or all of these concerns. You can ride a fitness bike in the comfort of your own home while watching television instead of jogging in the heat, cold, snow, or rain. Nothing beats being able to multi-task while getting a workout. Heck, some people do their work from home while riding their exercise bike.

Another excellent benefit of owning an indoor bike instead of paying a gym membership is that the fitness bike will pay for itself over time. Gym memberships can be costly and troublesome. Why not own your exercise equipment so you don’t have to keep paying for a membership when you don’t have to? In addition, who wants to brave the traffic to get to the gym? Sometimes it is just too much trouble to go to the gym. Kids, family, and our work can make it very difficult to take the time out of our day to make it to the gym. Let’s face it, we don’t need any more deterrents that can persuade us not to get some exercise. Exercise bikes and exercise equipment are an excellent method of preventing your mind from coming up with reasons not to exercise.

Our website has and will review a wide variety of exercise bikes and exercise equipment. Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes. They each fill a specific purpose or provide a different means of getting your exercise.

Recumbent Bikes

recumbent bikeWe found that the recumbent exercise bike has become one of the more popular exercise bikes. These recumbent exercise bike benefits include a much more relaxed posture to the rider than the traditional fitness bike. The rider is able to lean back in a comfortable position while their legs are positioned slightly in front. This makes you feel like you are peddling from a sitting position as opposed to the more traditional “hunched” position. We review a number of the best-rated recumbent exercise bikes available.

We like them because:

  • very comfortable positioning
  • usually includes very sturdy construction
  • storage areas are often included for magazines and reading material

Spinning Bikes

spin bikeOur website has a number of spinning bike reviews. The spinning bike is what we normally think of when we think of an exercise bike. These bikes usually resemble a traditional bicycle that you would ride outdoors. The seated position is usually hunched over while holding onto the handlebars and pedaling your legs underneath you. These exercise bikes have been around for many years and often have perfected their design.

We like these because:

  • offers a better simulation of riding a traditional bicycle
  • these exercise bikes usually cost less than a recumbent exercise bike
  • the design has been perfected through the years

Fan Exercise Bikes

fan exercise bikeThe fan bike has been around almost as long as the upright bike. The main point of a fan bike is that the fan has two jobs. It is the mechanism that provides the resistance to the rider. Most fan bikes operate by providing a natural resistance. Harder pedaling means more resistance from the fan. In addition, the fan gives a nice breeze to the rider to keep you cool while you exercise. Sometimes the fan can put out quite a strong breeze that can easily substitute for any other fans you may be thinking about using.

We like these because:

  • natural resistance by using a fan
  • the fan gives an excellent breeze during your workout
  • sturdy and time-tested design

Folding Bikes

folding bikeFolding bikes are relatively new to the exercise bike world. These fitness bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very small and do not even have a seat. You simply sit on your couch or a chair and work the pedals. Others are in the shape of an X that fold away for easy storage. One common theme with this type of exercise bike is that they do not take up much room and are easily moved and/or stored.

We like them because:

  • small and unobtrusive design
  • can be easily stored
  • are lightweight and easily moved

Those are a few of the fitness bikes that we currently review. Please take the time to look around and see how these reviews can help you make your decision. Thank you for visiting our website!